Conservation Photo Project -Scottish Highlands & the Hebrides 


Conservation photography exist for a reason; to save the earth while we still can. The delicate and unique nature of the Scottish Highlands and the Hebrides Islands is under attack. Both from tourism and climate change. 

A study (aug. 2017) for the Scottish Government warned that the rate of coastal erosion around Scotland has doubled since the 1970s. Seabirds, fish and plants are endangered. The impact of climate-driven coastal erosion is potentially devastating to both nature and humans in the region.

In april of 2018 I am yet again returning to the area in order to document these beautiful landscapes and unparalleled sceneries.

This project will last for the remains of 2018 and beginning of 2019 and will result in a dedicated project webb open to the public. All content on the webb will be free to use for educational and promotional purposes and is targeted to spread knowledge on the importance to preserve our nature in general and in specific the Scottish Highlands and Hebrides Islands.

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